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We help you with every step in your kitchen garden  


ROOTED GARDEN has consulted with over 250 clients and has created more than 100 kitchen gardens inside of Houston, Texas. RG provides you with the knowledge and resources you need to grow your own beautiful & delicious kitchen garden.  

The newest extension of ROOTED GARDEN, GARDENARY is an online garden education & resources company that makes the kitchen garden available to everyone.  


All of Rooted Garden’s work begins with a garden consult. Whether you have a kitchen garden in place or you’re starting with a blank slate, a personal consult with a Rooted Garden Consultant is the perfect way to begin.

Upon ordering a consult, a Rooted Garden Consultant will schedule your meeting at a time that suits you. During the consult, you’ll learn more about Houston’s unique four seasons of gardening and our consultant will help you determine your goals for your kitchen garden in regards to design, productivity, and enjoyment.

If you have an existing garden, RG staff will help you assess your soil, plant layout, and make key planting and product recommendations to maximize your growing possibilities.

Our goal is to remove the guesswork from your kitchen garden experience and return the fun and delight to watching a seed grow and stepping outside your back door to gather fresh food before dinner.


After your consult, Rooted Garden staff will be hard at work to create the proposed kitchen garden design and estimate for you in a timely manner (numbers and drawings are usually available within 5 business days).

Upon approval of your estimate, RG tasks its artisans to begin construction of your raised bed and you’re invited to select your preferred elements for your garden.

Get a sneak peek here of some of the preferences available for you to select.


RG takes care of every step of the installation process so you don’t have to worry. Our goal is to bring your landscape from tear out to complete kitchen garden in as little time as possible. For gardens 100 square feet or less, RG typically completes an install in one day’s time. Our team carefully clears your space, connects to your irrigation system, installs our four key elements and you walk out to a complete kitchen garden, ready for tending and harvesting.


The kitchen garden is a dynamic thing, with many plants growing from seed to harvest in less than 60 or 90 days. While the magic is incredible, the task to care for your changing garden may sometimes feel overwhelming. Rooted Garden offers both monthly and quarterly maintenance for our gardens as well as personal Garden Coaching. Our tending team pays attention the details of the garden and does the heavy lifting of replacing compost and replanting each new quarter. We do the heavy lifting and let you enjoy the harvests.


Stone Kitchen Gardens

Stone gardens are designed to last forever. Rooted Garden creates stone gardens that seamlessly flow from the design and architecture of your home out into the garden. RG sources stone and cement products as close to home as possible and ensures your stone kitchen garden will provide decades of growth and enjoyment just outside your backdoor.


Cedar Kitchen Gardens

Cedar and other natural wood gardens are Rooted Garden’s most popular kitchen garden material. Wood creates a natural aesthetic for the kitchen garden and provides years of planting, growing, and harvesting outside your back door.

ROOTED GARDEN provides custom made cedar gardens for turnkey clients and cedar garden kits for DIY clients. 


Steel Kitchen Gardens

Built to last and with a small footprint, steel gardens can fit in almost any landscape. RG’s steel gardens are custom made by a local Houston artisan, can be provided in Cor Ten or powder coated designs and they’re made to last for a lifetime.