Fall Into a Houston Garden

This will be our third year to eat from our garden all winter in Houston, TX.  Beginning this week, the third week of October, we will be able to harvest at least one full salad bowl of lettuce each day until March or April of next year.  

If you have never tasted lettuce just cut from the garden, you have to try this.  All it takes is a raised garden, exceptional soil and compost, and seed.  Oh, and you need some water, sun and time as well.  

Fall and winter Houston gardening is for anyone that can snip lettuce with scissors and pull a salad spinner.  

Your investment in good soil and a few components for a raised bed will pay you back with every delicious bite.

Let The Rooted Garden show you how!  

Email: therootedgarden@gmail.com

Follow our garden's progress: @therootedgarden