A Black Thumb?

I'm fairly certain I killed the first twenty plants I tried to grow.  When I started gardening in Tennessee, nearly all of my seeds were either washed away or suffocated by weeds.  My thumb was not growing anything green. 

But after a few seasons of planting and a few hundred mistakes, I began to find my way around the garden.  When our family moved to Houston and built our first raised beds, I could not believe the amount of lettuce and herbs that grew all winter.  Cutting fresh greens nearly every day was delicious and addictive. 

All it took was a little bit of success and I was hooked.  If you like the idea of growing a little bit of your own food but you're a little uncertain you can actually do it, I'd advise you to start small.  Buy a small planter, carve out a little space and try your hand at a few plants or herbs.  Feel the success of harvesting your own food even if its only chives for an omelet or parsley for a garnish. 

Let a few seeds wash away and a few weeds grow and learn a few lessons along the way.  You'll soon find that your thumb isn't so black after all.  I'll bet you'll find at least a few plants that are worth the effort.   For every twenty plants that die on you, there are 200 that will grow.  The trick is starting small and letting yourself grow alongside your garden.  

The Rooted Garden is here to help you get started, no matter how small!  Contact us to get rooted during this beautiful fall weather!