My family of six lives in a 1950's ranch house inside the city of Houston.  Our driveway runs out into a busy street and for this reason, it's closed in by a rod iron gate. 

When we first moved in, I despised that gate.  There was no privacy.  When my kids were out running around in their undies at 7 in the morning, the whole neighborhood could document the ordeal. 

Eight months after moving in, we installed our raised gardens right along our driveway, just inside the iron gate.  And over time, these gardens have helped me grow to love the lack of privacy.

Yesterday, as the kids and I harvested cilantro, carrots and kale, the iron gate served us well.   A friend on a run stopped to chat about her backyard chickens.  Another neighbor walked by and stopped to see what was growing this month. Our favorite dog showed up with her owner to say, 'Hi.' 

By the end of the afternoon, we'd harvested enough bunches of cilantro and kale to make door to door deliveries.  We walked right out of the gate, my oldest in her roller skates, my son with his basketball, and my youngest girls with harvest bunches in hand.  Every door we knocked on opened and everyone received the fresh bunches with a smile.   

In Space City, everybody's moving fast and going somewhere.  But, with a rod iron gate and a growing garden, there is still a way to be neighborly.  Fresh food grown from the dirt right below us brings neighbors together, especially if you share the harvest.

If you don't have a garden yet, let's start one!  If you've got one, welcome your neighbors into it.