I recently met up with a neighbor for a garden coaching session.  She was fed up with gardening. 

'I can't get a thing to grow.' 

But she was smart.

'I don't need variety or something beautiful.  I just want a lot of something edible to grow in this space.' 

For this gardening friend and for most of my consults, I recommend starting small. 

Small mistakes, small disappointments.  Big mistakes, big disappointments.

If you'd like to try your hand at gardening, but feel intimidated, then start with one thing.  If you can, pick a thing that grows well here in Houston and one that you enjoy eating. 

For me, that one thing was lettuce.  Once I mastered lettuce, other crops seemed less daunting. 

Pick your one thing and get it planted!

--Get a container that won't leach chemicals into your soil-cedar boards, stainless buckets, something like that.

--Fill it with organic compost and soil.

--And then plant it with seeds or plants of that one thing you're growing. 

This spring, I'm learning to grow one new thing: STRAWBERRIES!

What one thing would you like to grow?  How can I help you get started?