Salad Growing Workshop!

Learn How to Grow Your Own Salad

My favorite Houston gardening season is finally upon us here in Houston!  Three years ago, my family and I built our backyard gardens, filled them with soil and planted our first crop of lettuce.  As we harvested bowl after bowl after bowl of salad, I couldn't believe the outcome.  The greens were so fresh, sweet and crunchy that even the kids ate it. 

Since that time, my family grows enough lettuce to provide a salad a day from October to April.  Plus, we have more than we need to bring to family celebrations, potlucks and to share with neighbors. Lettuce is hands down my favorite crop to grow and I can hardly bring myself to buy the bagged stuff when the weather gets too hot for it in the summer.

This month, I'd love to teach you all I know about growing your own salad!  Please join me in one of my client's West University gardens for coffee and treats as we talk all about lettuce gardening. 

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Salad Growing Workshop

Thursday, October 27, 2016
West University
9:30-11 am
$30 covers the cost of coffee, treats, the best lettuce seed, and a hands-on workshop that will prepare you to grow your own salad too! 

There are limited spaces so hurry over and sign up before it's too late!