A Garden Consult is the First Step


Rooted Garden Consultants know what grows and what doesn’t in the Houston garden. Our unique kitchen garden designs have been recognized by Better Homes and Gardens, Organic Life Magazine, and Edible Houston.

We’ve designed large and small gardens made of all types of materials. We create small gardens for courtyards in West University and large expansive gardens for extensive yards in Piney Point Village.

We’ve done it all and no other company in Houston does it like we do.  

Here’s How Our Process Works


Once we receive your order for a consult, we’ll set up a meeting as soon as possible. If you’re inside of Beltway 8, we’ll schedule a time for a Rooted Garden consultant to visit your landscape in person.


The consult begins with a tour through your landscape, an introduction to our best practices in setting up a thriving kitchen garden, and finally a discussion about the kitchen garden designs that best fit your landscape and your priorities.


After the consult, we’ll prepare a sketch of your preferred kitchen garden design as well as an estimate for both the materials and the installation. Before we prepare an estimate, you’ll let us know if you’d prefer turnkey or DIY services.


The majority of our clients enjoy our turnkey services. Upon approval, Rooted Garden handles every single aspect of your kitchen garden installation including removal of existing vegetation or hardscape, proper preparation for the garden, construction and installation of the raised bed structures, irrigation, specially mixed soil, plants and trellises (and even plant tags!). We cover it all and just leave the harvests to you.


Some of our clients prefer to do the installation work themselves and simply order materials and coaching services from us. With this option, you’ll still receive the highest quality materials like our custom cedar beds, our locally curated soil and organic plants. But, this option allows you to participate in the installation while still ensuring that you’re setting things up right the first time.



Upon estimate approval, we get to work quickly to order the construction of your custom raised beds and schedule the installation of your garden as soon as possible. We know that the garden seasons wait for no one so we’ll work hard to get your garden installed within two to four weeks of your approval.


For Concierge clients, we’ll place the order for your materials, get delivery to you as soon as possible, and will be available by the hour as your kitchen garden coach whenever you need assistance with the install.


The fun has only just begun. Your installation includes a garden walk through with our Garden Consultant. We’ll make sure you know what’s growing and understand the steps you’ll need to take to ensure kitchen garden success.

We offer our clients several maintenance packages including bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly services. Nearly all of our clients enjoy the quarterly services for new compost and plants at the start of each new season. And many of our clients have us working in their gardens each month. Maintenance services allow you to enjoy the light tending and harvests of the garden without feeling overwhelmed.