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This is the best season for lettuce. Depending on availability, crops will be started with seed or young plants. Within 45 days of seed planting, you should be harvesting lettuces regularly.
Bush beans can do well in this time of year as long as they get good sunlight. Peas are a good crop for trellises and will grow through the winter.
Besides kale, these plants require a large section of the garden (up to 3 feet) and some may take several months before harvest.
Root Crops
Carrots and Beets require up to 3 months before harvest. Radishes can often be harvested within 45 days. All plants are started by seed and must be thinned out by hand when seeds sprout.
Cucumbers can be planted in September for a November harvest. Fruit should be harvested young for best taste.
Flowers bring bees and butterflies to the garden. Please specify if you have color prefernces.
Please note any particular preferences here