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We can grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit year-round here. We’ve got loads of sunshine (and some to spare), plenty of rain (sometimes too much!), and very little frost. There really is no better place to start a kitchen garden in North America.

But the kitchen garden here is unique.

Our seasons aren’t like everywhere else. Our soil isn’t like everywhere else. And our humidity is, well, it’s pretty much worse than everywhere else.

Growing a super productive vegetable garden in Houston is absolutely possible, but you can’t just throw some seeds and plants in the dirt and hope for the best.

That’s where Rooted Garden comes in.

Success happens in the Houston vegetable garden when the setup and the timing is right. And we know a thing or two about that. Founded in 2015, Rooted Garden has served more than 250 clients inside the city of Houston and designed more than 100 beautiful and productive kitchen gardens.


As we regularly tend so many gardens, we keep getting better at it.

And we want to help you get better at it too.

Our goal is to remove the guesswork from your Houston kitchen garden. And the first way we’ll do that is by helping you understand the timing. In fact, let’s do that right now.

Once you begin to understand the timing, you’re well on your way to success in Houston.

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