Concierge Garden

Concierge Garden

from 700.00

Get your own fully-constructed, ready to grow, handmade Rooted Garden Cedar Garden, our signature soil mix bags to fill the box fully, and our locally grown plants perfect for this season (approximately 2 plants per square foot) all ready to grow in your own space.

Completely constructed cedar garden with trim, soil bags, and plants will be delivered to your door (inside of Beltway 8).

Rooted Garden Concierge Gardens are unique to any other DIY garden product on the market.

Our garden beds are completely finished (no assembly required) and come ready to grow-carefully constructed by hand with thick 2” untreated cedar. (Other bed products on the market are made of thinner boards or require tools & assembly.)

The soil is our perfectly curated blend that we use in clients’ gardens around Houston. You’ll feel the difference in the soil’s texture and performance. No synthetic chemicals, harmful fertilizers or unsustainable products included. It’s organic and awesome.

The plants are organically grown for our climate and season and are the same plants we use in all our clients’ spaces. They’re beautiful and productive and you can be sure that they’ll outperform those you bought at the hardware store.

Pictured here is a 4’ x 4’ x 1’ cedar bed. Price is listed for a 3’ x 6’ x 1’ as well and other sizes can be produced to fit your space. Email if you’d like to inquire about pricing for other sizes.

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