Summer Plant Preferences


It’s time to plant your garden for the summer. We’re looking forward to growing with you in the garden this season. Please make your selections in the form below and let us know in the message section if you have any particular needs or desires.





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Nightshade Plants
It's now too hot to plant tomatoes but you can grow tomatillos and eggplants in their place.
Peppers need weekly attention with fertilizing and pruning but can produce throughout the summer. Hot peppers tend to do best but sweet peppers will produce some fruit, though it will be smaller than the grocery store variety. You can plant one pepper plant every 15 to 18 inches in your garden on a one foot row.
These plants are best started from seed. Pollination is a must for success and these plants will require weekly attention for pruning and fertilizing. Squash and zucchini can be planted one per every 2 to 3 square feet in the garden. Cucumbers need to be trellised.
Beans grow best when planted from seed. 'Pole beans' require a trellis while 'bush beans' can grow along the edge of your garden. Once planted, beans need to be hilled at the root to support the plant. Pick beans when they are small to ensure lots of growth on the vine or bush.
While we wait for the cooler weather for sweet lettuces, Arugula can still be planted by seed now.
Woody herbs will last throughout the year but can be planted at this time as well. Cooler weather herbs like Parsley, Cilantro, or Dill can be planted in September & October.
Flowers bring bees & butterflies to the garden & help ensure pollination. Plus, they're beautiful!
Please let us know if you'd like more or less of any particular thing. Or if you want to be sure we don't include something you dislike. If you have a smaller garden (under 30 square feet) let us know if you have a priority for your garden so we can be sure to plant more of the things you prefer.