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Trellis Choices

Trellises serve multiple purposes in a beautiful kitchen garden.  Aesthetically, they elevate the space and finish off the garden by adding height that remains throughout all four seasons, no matter the stage of plant growth.  Practically, trellises provide space for vining plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans to climb and grow. This multiplies the amount of growing space in your garden and prevents issues like pests and disease.  Rooted Garden prefers metal trellises for their durability and extension of the metals in the home’s exterior. Trellises may be available in black, brown, or patina metal.

Obelisk Trellises

Obelisk trellises are best for gardens that are stand-alone or need an open feel.  


Powder Coated Steel 

Globe Trellis.JPEG


Classic Square Black Trellis.jpg

Classic Square black 

Classic Black Pillar Obelisk.JPG

Classic Black Pillar 

Panel Trellises 

We recommend panel trellises for gardens that grow along a fence or wall.  This allows for vertical growth at the back of the garden while maintaining maximum growing space at the front of the bed.

Gothic Panel Trellis.jpg

gothic panel 

Patina Panel Trellis.jpg

Patina Panel

Custom Large Arch Panel.jpeg

custom large arch panel 

Fan Panel Trellis.JPG

Fan Panel 

Black Window Panel.JPG

black window panel

Farm Panel Trellis.jpg

Farm Panel 

Custom Arch Panel.JPG

custom arch panel 

Arch Trellises

We recommend arch trellises to join larger gardens together. Generally, we recommend these for gardens containing three or more boxes.  

Black Diamond Arch.jpg

Black diamond arch 

Moon Arch.jpg

moon arch 

Cor Ten arch 

Custom Large Arch.jpg

custom large arch 

Large Black Window Arch.JPG

Large black window

Custom Small Arch.JPEG

custom small arch 


Garden borders provide a definitive line between your kitchen garden and the remainder of the landscape.Borders allow for a clean aesthetic but can provide a unique design element as well. Steel edging provides a slim profile while block and brick edging makes a more definitive statement.  

Black Steel Edging.JPG

black steel edging 

Brick Edging.JPG

brick edging

Green Steel Edging.JPG

green steel edging

Gray Block Stone.JPG

gray block stone

Brown Steel Edging.jpg

brown steel edging

Block Stone.JPEG

block stone


Gravel provides good drainage for the garden area and makes it cleaner to access.  

Crushed Granite.JPG

crushed granite



Bronze Pea.jpg

bronze pea 



Small Texas Black Star.JPG

small texas black star

Silver Mist.JPG

silver mist 

Texas Black Star.jpg

texas black star

Garden Pathways

Pathways of stone allow for comfortable walking inside and around your kitchen garden.  Steps can be close or far apart but welcome you into the garden space and even allow you to go barefoot.  

Concrete .jpg




Stained Concrete.jpg

stained concrete

Leuder & Mondo.jpg

leuder & mondo

Flagstone & Mondo.JPG

flagstone & mondo

Garden Additions

Beyond the garden boxes, there are numerous ways to enhance your space.  Fruit and Bay Laurel trees are beautiful additions. Custom fences and gates can divide the garden from the rest of your landscape.  Simple plantings of boxwoods or mondo grass can soften the garden box space. Potted herbs can make space for otherwise invasive plants like mint.   Bubbler fountains, birdbaths, and more are all possibilities.

Small Boxwoods.JPG

small boxwood

Mondo grass 

Critter Protection.JPG

critter protection

Garden Bench.jpg

garden bench

Medium Boxwoods.JPG

medium boxwood

Bay Laurel Tree.JPEG

bay laurel tree 

mint planter 

Garden Gate.JPG

garden gate

Globe Boxwood.JPG

globe boxwood

Fruit Tree.JPG

fruit tree

Bubbler Fountain.JPG

bubbler fountain

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