Four Seasons in the Houston Garden

Four Seasons of Gardening in Houston Workshop

Timing is Everything in the Garden


Join the Rooted Garden Team for a Kitchen Garden Workshop.

Four Seasons of Kitchen Gardening Workshop

Thursday, January 24


Birch Mercantile

1856 Fountain View

Houston, TX 77057

Gardening in Houston is like no other place.

Our seasons change faster and earlier than nearly every other spot in the country and it can be frustrating if you’re trying to start a vegetable garden. But, it is absolutely possible to grow loads of salad greens, delicious tomatoes, and mounds of sweet potatoes. You just have to time it right.

We should know. We’ve helped over 200 clients in Houston and regularly maintain nearly 40 vegetable gardens here in the middle of the city. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and we’d love to let you in on the secret.

You’ll learn:

  • What vegetables and herbs grow best each month in Houston

  • Particular varieties that grow well in Houston’s unique weather

  • Tips and tricks to have more success with these plants in your garden

You’ll receive:

  • Rooted Garden’s custom booklet that details garden tasks and plants for each month of the year

  • Help and instruction as you sketch out your own vegetable garden plan for all four seasons of gardening

Grab your friends, learn together, and make this the year you learn to grow a little of your own delicious food right in your very own space.