Nicole Johnsey Burke

Nicole Burke

Owner and Founder

Hi! I’m Nicole.

For years, I worked in human development and philanthropy overseas, and all of my work taught me a valuable lesson: a purposeful mission can change the world.

After learning to grow loads of greens, herbs, and vegetables in my own backyard, I was addicted (in a good way) and wanted to share it with others.

So, in 2015, I launched Rooted Garden- a kitchen garden company that designs, installs, and maintains kitchen gardens throughout the center of the great Houston, TX.

In the beginning, I did every single task for my company-designing, installing, and maintaining the gardens. But today, I’m so thankful to say that Rooted Garden provides meaningful employment to some of Houston’s best.

Monica Meadow Meyer

Monica Meyer

Director of Operations & Communication

Hi! I’m Monica and I started growing vegetables when my son was a baby over ten years ago. I love getting kids excited about growing their own food, the reward from working hard in the garden, tending the garden and being patient while waiting for the harvest.

I recently completed a ten week vegetable growing series through Urban Harvest and am now a Certified Organic Vegetable Specialist.

My favorite things to grow in the garden are cilantro, Suyo cucumbers and winter lettuces.

I love all things garden-related and can often be found outside tending the garden or yard on the weekends

Jill Photo.JPG

Jill Oliver

Lead Consultant

Hey there! I’m Jill and I begin and end each day in my garden. I started building my 400-square-foot garden from scratch, after my father, a pecan tree farmer in Brenham, TX, built me a raised bed as a birthday gift. Now, my cedar and Cor ten steel raised beds are overflowing with herbs, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, squash and whatever else catches my curiosity.

My love for all things garden began when I was a young girl, helping my parents and grandparents harvest peaches, pecans, strawberries and green vegetables from their kitchen gardens. Years later, I’m continuing the family tradition.

Fall gardening in Houston is my favorite time of year. When my family has eaten all the vegetables we can, we give away the rest to friends and neighbors. It is my privilege to grow and provide fresh, homegrown vegetables.

My passion is sharing my favorite pastime with others. By designing raised beds and magical gardening spaces for clients and friends, I help them create their own dream gardens.

Schedule a consultation with Jill today and begin growing your own vegetables this season.